/ 2017 / Advertising / Beauty


Inspired by the Northern Lights, I have created a series of Aurora.
Colours have always play an important part of life and photography. It
defines mood and emotions. I believe each person is unique. They have
their own characters and of cause, colours. With this said, I experiment
using ultraviolet lights (UV) with portraits. I wanted to achieve a different
kind of portraits. Showing there is a mystical world untouch and there is a
certain aura within us. A world where no naked eyes could see. A place
where beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

Kelvin Chan, a Kuching-born guy (Sarawak, Malaysia), has always got a gut feeling that arts is running in his blood right from a very young age. He finds himself always seeking out new ways to express himself through the arts. Eventually, he realised that one of the ways he could satisfy that penchant of his was by venturing into commercial and fashion photography. So in 2010, unable to wait any longer, he took the plunge into the exciting pursuit.

Photography to Kelvin is not just taking photos of his subjects. It’s a completely separate realm of artistry in which self-expression knows no bound. Here creativity has free reign. Kelvin would make sure his models and characters match which includes taking into account the make-up and clothing. After the images are finally captured in camera, they would yet go into another session of enrichment which involves high end retouching. The final products are thus not just photos, but pieces of art.