/ 2016 / Portraiture / Culture


  • Prize
    Bronze in Portraiture/Culture
  • Photographer
    Nick Noh

This piece focuses on the topic of self-portrait and racial issues at school. On the day I
was given this assignment, I was walking around the school and heard people talking in the
cafeteria. I heard one of the student say, "There are too many asian kids at this school,
and I can't tell the difference between classmates." This comment made me think about my
presence, and how I appear as an individual at this school to the people that I don't
know, and decided to pursue my work with this theme.

The five images contain a yellow ball walking around the school. The reason why the yellow
ball was used is that it has no special features to distinguish it self other than its
color and general shape. We just look at it as a ball, and nothing else. Just like the
ball, to them I have no special features.

Awards 2015 LICC Finalist