Silver / 2016 / Nature / Underwater


  • Prize
    Silver in Nature/Underwater, Silver in Nature/Water
  • Photographer
    Steffen Faisst

Water is everywhere. It flows along the line of least resistance to find its way to the ocean, where it comes and goes in tides and waves, evaporates to the sky, and reappears as precipitation. Water possesses no specific shape by itself, but is formed by the physical forms and forces surrounding it. When moving water hits an obstacle, it becomes ejected into the air, temporarily forming incredible sculptures that are almost unperceivable by the human eye. This ejection generally leads to inclusion of air into the water, and billions of small air bubbles will result in a foamy aspect of the expelled water. Although this process happens all the time at uncounted locations on our planet, no splash will look like the other. This series intends to show the astonishing beauty of this common phenomena, emphasizing the enormous variety of forms generated by these natural elements and forces.

Born 1958 in Freiburg, Germany, I was educated as a biologist and worked in Research and Development in Germany, France and – for the last 16 years – Denmark. During all this time, nature photography was my predominant and private hobby. At January 2015, I decided to “go public” with my photographs, showing them at exhibitions and participating in contests.