Silver / 2016 / Press / People/Personality

Haji Firooz

  • Prize
    Silver in Press/People/Personality
  • Company
  • Photographer
    Mir Kian Roshannia

Hajji Firuz is a fictional character in Iranian folklore who appears in the streets by the beginning of Nowruz (Persian New Year). His face is covered in soot, and he is clad in bright red clothes and a felt hat. He dances through the streets while singing and playing a tambourine, and is the companion of Amu Nowruz ("Uncle Nowruz").

Born in Tehran, Live in Tehran and Toronto.
Interested in Digital Photography from 2001. Studied at "Tehran Fine Art University" Faculty of photography.
interested in making films from 2007, studied at "Tehran Fine Art University" Faculty of Cinematography as a freelance student.
Attend in “Image of the Year” Tehran –Iran from 2008 till now
Work as a freelance photographer with interest in Fine Art photography.
Work as a Director by making experimental and Documentary short films.