Silver / 2016 / Book / People

The Morning Routine of a Himba Family

  • Prize
    Silver in Book Proposal (Series Only)/People
  • Company
  • Photographer
    Christopher Jon Roberts

I went on a 2 month bus trip across Africa in April of 2015. I took several bus stops throughout Namibia. During one Bus stop at sunrise I documented Himba children playing with one another and spending time with their family.

I love painting and photography. I grew up with my Mom’s art lying around the house. She was an art teacher and tragically never reached her full potential due to her Crohn's disease and other illnesses. She had to retire teaching and painting at an early age due to her illness. In high school I inspired to be a professional artist at my mother’s encouragement. But after receiving a D on one of my art assignments in advanced placement art class. I concluded it was too competitive and was too hard to make a living. Time went by and my love for art hid from me due to my busy life.

As years went by I also suffered from health problems like my Mom. Despite these challenges I decided I am not going to give up on my dreams. I started traveling in 2009. Since then I have traveled to over 100 countries and territories. I became a member of the Travelers Century Club. I passed my Board Certified Behavior Analyst Exam. I then started a Mental Health Agency helping people like my brother who have autism. I also found my love for photography again in 2014. I started a website to display my work and started entering photography competitions in 2016. I hope one day to become a well-known artist. If not now when I’m young possibly when I am old. But if I ever become one of those famous artists after I'm dead...well...thats one of the ironic things about being an artist.