Bronze / 2016 / Advertising / Other_AD

Dancing with clothes

  • Prize
    Bronze in Advertising/Other
  • Company
    No.6 Laboratory
  • Photographer
    Chun Hsiang Huang

This group of photos to convey the clothes match people , not goods. Through the clothes in the air and people images mingle just like the feelings of the people as with the passions.This group of photos is also combined with traditional Chinese opera performing arts , Chinese opera is no longer just let only the United States but it has a soul. Finally, the use of body movements and face , tell a different strength and beauty .

NO.6 Laboratory is currently in Taiwan covers the first dance music / singing / dance / photography / lighting / stage / theater / visual design of the whole art team , a unique dynamic movement in art, fashion , performing arts classes basic concepts of training , into the full range of contemporary aesthetic creative spirit , NO.6 Laboratory is an unprecedented avant-garde program .