/ 2016 / Portraiture / Culture

Estonian Blacksmith(Inheritors of blacksmithing )

I have been taking photos of Estonian blacksmiths for over three years.
At first, I just took photos of them because of their intriguing style and
their way of life. Their workshops were simply beautiful.
After visiting Estonia a couple of times, I noticed how there were many
blacksmiths in the country in ratio to their population.
Then, I tried to figure out ‘how some cultures could be sustained in a
society’ through the Estonian Blacksmith’s view point.
I saw education as one of the key factors.
The first step captures the scenes of how techniques of Blacksmiths
are educated at schools and workshops.

Jun Ishikura is a photographer based in Yokohama Japan.
His photographs have no boundaries as he captures varieties of scenes in life and creations.
His interests are of where human species come from and will go in the future.
He focuses on occupation, community, technology, and conceptual culture.
His perspective variety is unpredictable, as none of his projects are alike. His work changes from project to project but fascinating enough, his root concept remains the same.
His artworks are not only documentary, but at times physically created by himself.