Silver / 2016 / Portraiture / Children

Mini Heroes

  • Prize
    Silver in Portraiture/Children
  • Photographer
    Christiane von Enzberg, was born in the black forest in Germany. After studying photography in Berlin at the¨Lette Verein¨ in the early nineties, she started photographing feature stories for various national and international magazines with the main focus on portraiture and reportage photography. In 2002 she moved to Barcelona. Third Prize at the 2016 Fine Art Photography Award, People, Category. Nomenee at the 2016 Fine Art Photography Award, Photomanipulation, Category.
  • Credit
    I‘ ve chosen the stage-like ,black background,to create a little theater play.With all photorealistic clearness,I want to give my pictures a poetic aspect and a touching esthetic, without denying the protagonists their childish character, and taking them seriously in their play, emphasizing their real characters. The images are photographed and than embroidered on photographic baryt paper.

Children want many things and they love masquerading themselves and trying different identeties.In the age between 7 and 10 years, the ‚middle childhood‘,their fantasy let them overcome the barriers easily between reality and imagination.For some oblivious hours,they are able to slip into different roles and thanks for the intensity of their imagination they are not only able to experience their storys-no, they live them.They turn from actors of their fantasy to princesses and princes,fighters,heroes,legend figures. They don‘t need costumes,just their imagination. Nevertheless,the metarmorphosis doesn‘t proceed only inside them,it has a visual external effect. They keep childlike and themselves and at the same time they radiate the grace,the willingness,the pride and the courage of the figures,from wich they adopt the roles in the play.With my photo project ‚MiniHeroes‘ I capture this fantastic, enviable metarmophosis. To visualise the basis of pure imagination, I add for each child the symbolic accessory with needle and thread into the photographic reality of each portrait.