Bronze / 2016 / Nature / Sunsets


  • Prize
    Bronze in Nature/Sunsets
  • Photographer
    Panos Laskarakis

Maybe the most adventurous sunset in my life , in the middle of the Mediterranean sea in the rocky part of the Greek island Paxos.I Knew that the sun was down and through the big hole at the sunset in December, so I knew that I had to be present in this place that period of year .The most difficult point was , the driving until there by the sea and the climbing up to the sharp rocks, until the point.After this , during the sunset the lights were turning on and sun rays were exploded in the cave!

I first got involved in photography in 2005 and since then I have kept on evolving my techniques and knowledge, through a series of valuable experiences, by visiting several places on the planet like the Arctic, Africa, Asia , America and Europe, capturing impressive sights with a different perspective.
Nature photography is love, passion, exploration , adventure and creation. I always look for dramatic action and I feel alive in every sense, when I experience the greatness of natural elements. I live my life travelling to every possible destination, searching for days on end for instantaneou