Gold / 2016 / Nature / Flowers

Fine Art Flowers

  • Prize
    Gold in Nature/Flowers, Gold in Nature/Flowers
  • Company
  • Photographer
    Suzanne Forrest

This series was my response to the idea of death. Fearing my own death and others around me i wanted to create a series that dealt with the theme in a graceful and peaceful manner. Attempting to put my mind at ease. I used wilting flowers placed in water and colours that have connotations of death, grief and sorrow. I then dropped ink into the water and captured it as it flowed through the water. The ink for me, represented the idea of death taking over and creeping up on us slowly. The unpredicatble trails and patterns of the ink represent the inability to foresee our own fate. I used a boarder and texture with the images as my visual influence was that of the impressionism movement and in particular painter Henri Fantin-Latour

I am a photographer and mixed media artist living in Glasgow, Scotland.

I specialise in Flower and abstract photography.