Silver / 2016 / Fine Art / Abstract


  • Prize
    Silver in Fine Art/Abstract
  • Photographer
    Carmine Flamminio

The lives of men are different, but each is to be characterized by the uncertainty of the future. Everything flows quickly, leaving memories in the mind of man, superimpositions. They often occur at night during our nightmares. And I can do no more than draw through my photography.

CARMINE FLAMMINIO, born in 1976 in Lanciano, is an Italian photographer who currently lives in Rome. He studied photojournalism, at the Graffiti School of Photojournalism and has attended various seminars by Francesco Zizola (NOOR), Sergio Ramazzotti (ParalleloZero), Yuri Kozyrev (NOOR) and Stuart Franklin (Magnum).

For many years, he has studied the phenomenon of immigration in Italy, following particularly the Indian community in Rome and focusing on racism and violence. Since 2008, he has documented the consequences of migration on the world of childhood, with particular attention to the situation of Eastern European children. He is convinced that children are the first victims of mass migration.

Attracted by personal stories, before photographing, he will get to know the subject, meet him/her several times. He does not carry his camera as a shield, but a companion notebook and his pictures not only recount the humanity of others but also his own emotions.

He has founded an association for the promotion of documentary and social photojournalism called IPPA (International Press Photo Association).