/ 2016 / Press / Performing Arts

Ancient Rhythm

  • Prize
    Gold in Press/Performing Arts
  • Photographer
    Marinka Masséus, Netherlands
  • Studio
    Marinka Masséus Photography

At the World Indigenous Games 2015 in Brazil, I used long shutter speed to
paint the indigenous ancient rhythm. The resulting soft images connect us to
our roots, to old drawings in caves dating back to prehistoric times.

But, the hazy imagery is also a metaphor for the fact that indigenous people
are fading.
Everywhere, so-called 'civilization' is closing in on them. Their land is being
taken, their rights trampled, their way of life destroyed and they are captured
and killed.

They are the only humans left on earth who live like our ancestors thousands
of years ago. Living off the land, leaving no footprint, in harmony with their
environment and with respect to all living things. And they are being

I feel that this is one of the most shameful injustices of our times. Future
history books will judge the fact that we stood by and did nothing.

After finishing her MBA, Marinka's studies in Buddhist Psychology guided her philosophical journey, and the Photo Academy in Amsterdam stimulated her to channel her concepts and feelings into images.

Gender equality is a main theme running through Marinka’s work. She feels strongly about the importance of raising this subject and she just returned from Iran where she worked on two photography projects concerning the position of women.

Marinka's acclaim includes: Lucie Award - IPA Photographer of the Year 2016 - LensCulture Portrait Awards 2017, Winner Juror's Pick - 10th Annual Color Awards 'Photographer of the Year', 2nd place - 1st place winner Color Awards - 2x Silver and 2x Bronze at TIFA Tokyo Awards 2016 - LifeFramer 3rd place - 2nd place ND Awards 2016 - 2x winner 1st place IPA 2016 - 2x winner 2nd place IPA 2016 - Exhibition at Gallery 'Beeldend Gesproken', Amsterdam - 2x Silver winner and 1x Bronze winner Px3 2016 - Px3 Exhibition in Paris - 1st place Monochrome Photography Awards - Exhibition at Atelier Alen, Munich, Germany - Featured at ArtWest, Amsterdam - 2x winner 2nd place MIFA "Moscow International Foto Awards" 2015 - 2nd place BW SpiderAwards - Merit of Excellence - "IPA Best of Show Exhibition" New York - 2x winner 2nd place IPA "International Photography Awards" 2015 - Gold winner at Px3 2015 - 3x Silver and 1x Bronze winner at Px3 2015 - Exhibition at WM Gallery, Amsterdam - Photoville 2015 New York - International Photo Festival Leiden 2015 - 1st place International Color Awards - Featured at the Royal Geographical Society in London - IPA 2014 2nd place - Linden Museum Stuttgart - GUP New Dutch Talent 2014

Awards New Dutch Talent 2014
Exhibition Linden Museum Stuttgart, Germany- June 2014
Published 1x.com Yearbook Passion - Dec 2013

3 times shortlisted TPOTY Travel Photographer of the Year 2013

2nd Prize Photographer of the Year 2013, Zoom Magazine