Silver / 2016 / Book / Other_B

New York| From Instagram

  • Prize
    Gold in Book (Series Only)/Fine Art, Silver in Book (Series Only)/Other
  • Company
  • Photographer
    Sergio Del Fiol

Walking by and photographing spontaneous moments, having the spring of New York as a background – these are the origins of this book. Made over two consecutive years, the images that record the daily life of the metropolis in different environments and time were edited in Instagram, where its peculiarities were highlighted through the application’s many filters and effects, in order to express the harmony of the author with the cosmopolitan atmosphere of this amazing city. This book is a work of art published in limited quantity. It is a 50 units edition signed and numbered by the author. The authenticity certificate and the number of the unit are at the end of the edition. It is not a tourism book. Those who know New York will identify themselves with it; those who don’t will be charmed.Hard Cover, 18x18 cm, numbered copies 55, 50 pages, 100 pictures ISBN 978-85-917051-0-8

Sergio Del Fiol was born in 1971. Studied Architecture and Urbanism in Brazil and later Publicity and Propaganda in the United States. The triad Architecture / Advertising / Photography has always inspired him. He has been working with large format panoramic photography since 2007.