/ 2016 / Advertising / Music

Color your soul

  • Prize
    Bronze in Advertising/Music
  • Photographer

This campaign was created to promote the headphones designed
by Korean product design firm INNODESIGN INC. featuring NC.A. a
young k-pop singer. The headphone with its 5 distinctive colours
and wavy band design is targeted to the younger generation and
to be worn as a unique fashion item.

Therefore, the campaign focusses on the vibrant colours and how
music brings colour and life into our souls. The colours represent
the beats and rhythms which an individual will experience when
using the headset.
Furthermore, the dynamic jumping action action and coloured
powder are used to create a dreamlike atmosphere which
symbolises the diverse, colourful and emotional responses to the

Awards 2015 London, UK 3rd Prize Winner in Fine Art Photography Awards 2015 Portland, Oregon, US Selected Artist for Black and White photography Exhibition 2012 London, UK Shots Young Photographer Competition 2012 nominated.