/ 2016 / Advertising / Beauty

Come as you are

  • Prize
    Bronze in Advertising/Beauty
  • Photographer
    Alison Wallis Photography
  • Studio
    Alison Wallis Photography
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A series of beauty images in both colour and black and white,
capturing the beauty of the model using Natural light. The high
ISO and wide open aperture produces extra 'Noise', enabling the
look and feel of the image as that of film grain rather than
digital. The high contrast and colour of the images tries to
depict the feel of 90's before digital was widely used. It was my
intention to purposely not use film on this occasion so I could
try to replicate the 'Retro' film camera feeling using just modern
digital equipment.

Alison is a London based photographer who also travels throughout Ireland and abroad photographing Hair, Beauty & Fashion. She has a BA (Hons) degree in Fashion with Photography, along with Diplomas in Art and Media Studies. In addition with vast experience in various aspects for Photography, such as Hair, Beauty and still life. Alison tries to give all her work an artistic and individual edge that makes it an original piece.