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Make Europe no border / Idomeni 2016

“We don’t have enough food. We have no other clothes. We can’t
look after our hygiene,” said J, a 26 year-old Syrian stuck on the
Greece-Macedonian border in Idomeni for 10 days. As European
borders go up, refugees and migrants are being left stranded and
desperate.“There is no safe way to continue our journey. The
border is almost closed for us fleeing war,” said J. “I feel hopeless.
I just want to live normally again.” In February, Austria said it
would only accept a handful of asylum seekers and refugees a day,
setting off a domino effect of borders being closed to the vast
majority of those people fleeing war and poverty from the Middle
East, Asia and Africa. On 9 March, Slovenia and neighbouring
Croatia refused to allow the transit of most refugees through their
territory. Serbia and Macedonia say they will do the same.

Awards Professional photographer. has published photo reports in international magazines, Specchio (Magazine La Stampa) Corriere magazine (Corriere della Sera), Magazine L'internazionale ( reportage of marocco 2005 ),Gente di Fotografia , Nital Sguardi 2005 ,Exibition in Rome Festival Fotoleggendo, Winner TAU Visual 2008. His reports explore complex political and social contexts;
Winner in PX3 Paris Photofestival 1 Place public choice 2016
Winner in PX3 Paris Photofestival 1 Photojournalist 2020
Winner third place in Tokyo Photofestival 2016 photojournalist
Exposition in ICP New York 2020 #ICPConcerned: Global Images for Global Crisis
He was born in Ivrea (north of Italy) in 1975.