Gold / 2016 / Nature / Other_N

Global Warming (unlikely water animals)

  • Prize
    Gold in Nature/Other
  • Photographer
    Pat SwainPat Swain leans towards the quirk and tribulations.She is also an award-winning photographer whose work has been shown extensively around the world. Among the many publications her photographs and digital art have appeared in are Leonardo (MIT Press), the New York Times, Digital Fine Art, Spin Magazine, New York Magazine. She holds an M.F.A. from Pratt Institute, and an M.A. from Columbia University.

This series, ‘Global Warming (unlikely water animals)’, is an exploration of ‘misplaced’ non-water animals in rising coastal shorelines due to global warming. It brings to question if this is merely a visit or their new habitat. The backdrop of these coastlines (at times threatening) emphasizes the vulnerability and mortality of these creatures confronting a new and impossible environment. The animals range from wild to farm and some with disabilities such as image of the “Blind Horse”.