Silver / 2016 / Nature / Wildlife

New Dawn

  • Prize
    Silver in Nature/Wildlife
  • Photographer
    Tibor Kercz

Otowa-bashi bridge („Sound of Wings” bridge) is one of the bridges over the Setsuri-gawa river which runs in Tsurui Village. A roost of Red-crowned Crane is formed at the downstream in winter. This site is the only place where people can observe cranes at roost without threatening them. In the early mornings in the coldest periods of January and February, flocks of the Crane can be observed roosting here in the river fog, in the mist or sometimes in the diamond dust. The Red-crowned Crane, which lives in the boundless expanse of wetlands, was called 'Sarurunkamui' which means the 'God of Wetland' in their language, with feeling of awe and respect.