Bronze / 2016 / Fine Art / Still Life

Personal Project

  • Prize
    Bronze in Fine Art/Still Life
  • Photographer
    Serena Carminati

A still life setup to me is like a miniature theatre, one in which you can experiment with shapes, textures and light in order to create something unique. This small theatre is a creative playground where anything is possible and with a little imagination an ordinary object can be used to bring a character and a story to life. Through this project I want to express my love for nature and life, while trying to look at ordinary things from a new perspective.

Serena Carminati is a photographer from Genoa.
Serena lived in the UK for several years, where she studied photography and gained her BA Hons. in Graphic Design at Kingston University. Her love for food, Italian lifestyle and tradition brought her to specialise in food and still life photography.
Serena became a food blogger in 2012, to fully express her passion for photography, food styling and recipe development. Some photographs form her Personal Project were awarded 1st place in the Advertising / Food Category at the International Photography Awards (IPA) 2016, along with other important awards.