Gold / 2016 / Fine Art / Landscape

Imagery of Lofoten

  • Prize
    Gold in Fine Art/Landscape, Gold in Nature/Earth
  • Company
    Foxrabbit Designers
  • Photographer
    Rafal Nebelski

A series of photographs taken on Lofoten, Norway.

Award winning photographer and the co-owner of a design studio called Foxrabbit Designers based in Warsaw Poland.
I manage the creative team at Foxrabbit on various projects - from designing materials for printing purposes, such as books, newspapers, albums, packaging to signages of big shopping centers, creating UI/UX and various web projects.
As a photographer, I am freelance photographer specializing in architecture, land, and cityscape, product photography. I especially love to photograph my hometown of Warsaw and its suburbia.
I am also a graduate of Akademia Fotografii - a Warsaw photography school.
I am looking forward to be engaging in commissions for the mentioned above fields of photography and any areas of design with my creative team at Foxrabbit Designers.
Other than taking pictures, I enjoy mountain biking or ice skating in the wintertime.