Gold / 2016 / Fine Art / Abstract

Blemished Faces

  • Prize
    Gold in Fine Art/Abstract
  • Photographer
    BlackDog Wu

These photos are a reflection on the currently popular images of (female) faces. Of course there is nothing wrong with taking pictures of female faces; it’s a valid subject of photography. However, the moment these photos only serve to objectify and utilize women, we are dealing with a sick, twisted way of telling us what to find beautiful! It’s as if you’re only worthy of having you’re picture taken if you have a pretty face and a stunning body. However, all these images of gorgeous women rarely reveal anything about their subject’s personality or individual quirks. There is no sense of an actual human being, only an empty facede of “beauty”! That’s why I decided to deconstruct, to de-face and reassemble my images of women’s countenances, to subject them to a process of pastiche, collage, and ironic distancing. Let’s see what’s left of the images after all that! Are they blemished? Or more genuine?