Gold / 2016 / Nature / Water


  • Prize
    Gold in Nature/Water
  • Photographer
    Luke Shadbolt

Maelstrom documents the duality of nature; creation and destruction in a single act. It is an exploration of the balance of light and dark inherent in nature, both on a physical and qualitative level. In this new body of work, an astounding array of environmental factors align in a sudden, fleeting, chaotic event, to produce an oceanic force that is unmatchable in its primal ferocity.Tracing the source of this event to the particularly volatile El Nino season of 2016, we are afforded a cursory and comfortably safer glimpse of the exchange, cycle and balance of power fundamental to the functioning of our planet and its oceans.These are cycles that we as humans so often ignore, neglect or respect and are barely beginning to understand. Maelstrom encourages the viewer to reflect upon our own naivety and place as a species within the greater natural balance of power.

Luke Shadbolt is a photographic artist and creative director from Sydney, Australia.

A consuming passion for the ocean lead to his formative years being spent travelling between remote natural areas and densely populated environments, affording him an empathetic insight into the interconnectedness of the world we inhabit.

With an ambition to illustrate grand ideas on an intimate and relatable scale, he explores the interaction of man and nature in a physical, sociological and evolutionary context.

He currently spreads his time between his fine art practice and commercial photography/creative direction in the action sports, travel, landscape and fashion industries.