Silver / 2016 / Nature / Other_N


  • Prize
    Silver in Nature/Other, Gold in Nature/Underwater
  • Photographer
    Masahiko Yanagisawa

The shoal of sardines swimming away from their predator shark.

Masahiko YANAGISAWA is a professional photographer, who was born in Takayama City in Gifu Prefecture. He graduated first on the list of the students from Economics Department of University of Shimonoseki Municipality. Then he joined Chunichi Newspaper. After he has worked for 7 years as a reporter, he left Chunichi Newspaper to take up his new career as a freelance photographer. He worked as a sports photographer, and gradually he became an all-round photographer who seeks every kind of subjects. He published the photo book "Dance Dance Dance", which got the highest praise from the global artist, Masuo IKEDA. He held an exhibition of his dance photographs which was run at Canon Salon in Ginza, Tokyo. By the exhibition he established fame and status as a dance photographer. He has taken photographs for the cover pages of the monthly magazine, "Dance View" for 18 years (from 1998 to 2016) and he got great popularity for his beautiful dance photographs from its readers. And at the same time he hold successively various posts (lecturer in photography, jury of photographic contests) of every major photographic magazines in Japan. A lot of assistants for him have become competent photographers. The gold medalist of the architecture section in commercial category in PX3 2015, Shin Mimura, is his best pupil. And Masahiko YANAGISAWA himself won the gold medal of the underwater section of the nature category in PX3 2016. My web site is at If you want to contact me, please send a mail to .