Bronze / 2016 / Press / Feature Story

Days of Ashura

  • Prize
    Bronze in Press/Feature Story, Silver in Portraiture/Culture
  • Photographer
    Raffaele Tuzio
  • Credit
    Raffaele Tuzio

This series describes the feeling of people during the Ashura* commemoration in Iran. During the Days of Ashura are organized processions and public meeting where a speaker tells the history of Husayn martyrdom, the people participate actively in the story, beating his chest and and expressing grief and sorrow. The images tells of people feeling through expressions and gestures of the participants.*The Ashura (the tenth day literally) commemorates the martyrdom of the third prophet Husayn in the plain of Karbala (today's Iraq) by Umayyad tribe, occurrence that marks the schism from Sunni Islamism. It is an important event for Iranian population. The underlying sense of the event is to strengthen the bonds of the community under the sign of injustice and persecution received; it is an aspect of religious feeling that accompanies the every day life of the faithful.

Raffaele Tuzio is a photographer based in Rome. He started his activity in 1985 as documentary and street photographer. In 1990 he went to Rome where began his relationship with travel photography. During this period he travelled all over the world, especially in India and China, producing images for tour operator, and working as freelance for national magazines, also as editorialist. In 1998 he began a collaboration with "sentieri di nuove esperienze", a tour operator specialized in cultural tourism. He directed a project to increase the company image and communication. In 2009 he decided to come back to documentary photography and he planned a long time work about the effects of globalization and economical development of India and China on the pre-industrial social and cultural life.