Gold / 2016 / Book / Monograph

Vladimir Kabelik: PHOTOGRAPHY

  • Prize
    Gold in Book Proposal (Series Only)/Monograph
  • Photographer
    Vladimir Kabelik
  • Credit
    Book Design: Eva-marie MacNeilCopy Editors: Robert Fyfe & David BarlowPhoto & Text: Vladimir Kabelik

A COMMENT ON ‘PHOTOGRAPHY” by VLADIMIR KABELIKWe are all storytellers. And the most important story we tell is the story of our own life.We are all immigrants in this life. We may not have crossed the sea ice of the Bering Strait or fled from persecution in another country but we are all born as strangers to this world. Some of our life story we make, some is made for us. The story we tell changes with time, varies depending upon our audience. For artists, their work is their most important life story – a record and reflection of who they are. Vladimir Kabelik is a photographer. This book is his visual autobiography. Kabelik’s images and words stir emotions, evoke memories, provoke associations. While looking at his images we reflect on our own life story.-- David Barlow -- Television Producer