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Porter Ranch Gas Blowout

  • Prize
    Silver in Book Proposal (Series Only)/Other, Silver in Press/Political
  • Photographer
    Hannah Benet, United States

This series is about bringing visibility to an invisible
environmental disaster that happened in my hometown: The
Porter Ranch Gas Blowout. From October 2015- late February
2016, 100 million metric tons of methane and poisonous gasses
spewed out of a blown out well behind our homes. Thousands
of families had to relocate, schools were shut down, and people
suffered from headaches, nausea, rashes, and uncontrollable
nosebleeds. Porter Ranch looked exactly the same as it always
did, but the air was toxic.

This environmental disaster has a larger carbon footprint than
the BP oil spill off the gulf coast; however, outside of the Porter
Ranch bubble, people were (and still are) not aware that such a
catastrophic event took place. These images were taken during
the leak, and the subjects are from Porter Ranch and
surrounding communities.

Awards APA LA's "Off The Clock" 2016 curated exhibition 2016 Open Show LA Presenter: Porter Ranch Gas Leak series ASMPLA's "Awakenings" curated exhibition at Photo LA 2016 2013 Eisner Prize winner in Photo-Imaging at the University of California, Berkeley