Silver / 2016 / Book / Fine Art

The Church with No Flock

  • Prize
    Silver in Book Proposal (Series Only)/Fine Art
  • Photographer
    BD Richardson

"The Church with No Flock" is a study of the vanishing rural churches of North America. The images are both mundane and symbolic. They are scenes we take for granted; scenes we pass by without a second glance; and scenes which are quickly disappearing. Churches, once the lynchpins of their communities, are now left abandoned. Witness to weddings, funerals, and thousands of Sunday mornings, their active days are long gone. The population base has moved on and the rural country life is a remnant of the past for most. Trees, vines and the elements have staked their claim. The moving and blurred clouds in these long exposure images symbolize time moving forward in the face of the ephemeral lifespan of these vanishing structures and the rich history they represent.