Bronze / 2016 / Book / Fine Art

Macha Contemplation

  • Prize
    Bronze in Book Proposal (Series Only)/Fine Art
  • Photographer
    Vladimir Kysela

Project is based on poem, called May, written by romantic poet Karel Hynek Macha. The whole poem is evolving from pretty nice, lovely scenes, gradually into horror, ending very badly. In fact, it is about two young people, girl and burglar, and burglar is hanged after he murdered father of that girl. What surprised me in that poem, Macha really created sort of "photographic" piece - you can find there a lot of scenes like in the movie. It is really amazing to read and to imagine and then go and find them :-) This is my first attempt for personal project, motivated by literature. I very much believe, that there is a clear connection between different forms of art – painting, photographing, literature, music, theatre, movies,…

Is there an adequate way to compare photography with painting? Is it a matter of selecting a topic, composition or the discovery of further tools in the post process? Just how to preserve technical tools without bringing about an empty form without content and without a story? Or is photography a distinct form of artistic creation to such a degree that there is no sense in making comparisons with painting?

I am constantly challenging myself on it and step by step reverting from "Human Being" to "Human Behind Photo Story Being".