Gold / 2016 / Portraiture / Personality


  • Prize
    Gold in Portraiture/Personality
  • Company
    Baldessarini Studio
  • Photographer
    Tomaso Baldessarini .PUBLICATIONS Tv Spielfilm Leica PDN Magazine Amerika Apple Zeit Magazin Zeit Online Rolling Stone Russia Berliner Morgenpost Berliner Tageszeitung MusikExpress Bild Zeitung B.Z Berlin Metal Hammer and 1900moreExHIBITS 2012 Wanderausstellung Merchandise ART mit Andy Warhol und vielen anderen März 2014 Group Exhibit New York 18 .4 bis 24.4 Solo Exhibit "Anti.MonoStereo"​ Kaufhaus Jandorf Berlin 7.1.2015 bis 9.2.2015Solo Exhibit "Anti.MonoStereo" Blond and Blond 19.6.2015 bis 23.8.2015 LINDEMANN – SKILLS IN PILLS von Till Lindemann, dem Frontmann und Sänger der Band RAMMSTEIN und dem schwedischen Produzenten, Komponisten, Multi-Instrumentalisten Peter Tägtgren von HYPOCRISY und PAIN, zeigt die Galerie Holger John Fotografien von Stefan Heilemann, Paul Harries, Aram Radomski, Bryan Adams,Tomaso Baldessarini, Matthias Matthies und Skulpturen von Till Lindemann. tba.
  • Credit
    Tomaso Baldessarini

Identity is a much discussed topic in our society today. We feel in visual patterns that are subject to all sorts of prejudices. Travesty is for the people who operate it a kind of self-realization. But this is about much more than makeup and the right clothes. Travesty is a way of life for the people who operate them. Much more this is an abstraction of their own feelings and personality. Your fictional identities are an expression of personality, honesty and character. If you look closely, you told every detail of these images and a story reveals a lot about the person standing behind the character. This involves much more than sexual orientation. A kind of life, cohesion and depth. Each of these images carries a life story itself which is very exciting. Without words, these images tell stories about experiences, fates and joy.

Tomaso is a Berlin based fine-art and Portrait photographer. He graduated in 2012 with a B.A of Arts Photography.