Silver / 2016 / Portraiture / Children

Feelings - Isa with Down syndrome

  • Prize
    Silver in Portraiture/Children
  • Company
    Justine Tjallinks Photography
  • Photographer
    Justine Tjallinks
  • Credit
    Justine Tjallinks

It’s amazing how a mother-to-be today can determine if her unborn child has 47 chromosomes — an indicator of Down syndrome. Thanks to science and cautious parents-to-be, fewer children are being born with the condition. When I learned this, I couldn’t help but wonder; could there be no one left with Down syndrome in our near future? No one wants their child to go through life having to cope with a perceived handicap, but when it happens, the parent can't imagine living without their child regardless of circumstance. This idea inspired me to create portraits of young children with Down Syndrome. To visualize their emotions, unique personality and also to empasize just how beautiful they are. This is Isa

Justine Tjallinks (born 1984) is an Amsterdam-based Dutch Photographer and Art-Director. After graduating from the Amsterdam Fashion Institute cum laude, she moved on to work as the Art-Director for one of the leading fashion titles in L’Officiel Magazine. After a few years, whilst being responsible for the aesthetics of the magazine, she realized that instead of curating other people’s photography, she found herself wishing it was her making those stories come to life.

Justine does not consider herself a photographer by definition, but an image-maker carefully curating elements to communicate a feeling. That the beholder feels is always her main objective. Photography is the vehicle chosen to convey that emotion. The emotions in her works mirror her own experiences and are then translated to a visual metaphor. Viewing her works will give a sense of intimacy between you and the subject.

Justine's artworks have graced the cover of “New Dutch Photography Talent 2015”, exhibited by “Vogue Italia” in the Leica Gallery Milan and is selected as the grand winner of the LIFE FRAMER PHOTOGRAPHY AWARD 2015. Justine is also a Zeiss lenses ambassador.