Gold / 2016 / Fine Art / People_FA

The Woman & The Hen

  • Prize
    Gold in Fine Art/People
  • Photographer
    Romina Ressia

This is the first photograph of a series titled "The Champions" The project explores how our contemporary society sees and values glory and success. It talks about preconceptions and our valuation of talent and effort. Today, we live in a world of paradox. At the same time, people struggles to differentiate themselves but are driven by the desire to belong, producing a globalized mimicry.

Born in 1981 in Argentina, in a small town near to Buenos Aires, I have studied Photography, Fashion Photography, Art Direction & Scenery in different places including The Theatre Colon.
My work has been exhibited in Milan, Buenos Aires & New York. And it is repressented by galleries in more than 60 countries.
A classical influence can be identified in most of my projects but it is taken precisely to represent modern issues, how do they affect to society nowadays and how other atemporal issues are managed today. It is the way I use to represent how people is touched by the changing world in which we live.