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  • Prize
    Bronze in Fine Art/People
  • Photographer
    Mari Queiroz
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The Ethnicity series focuses on Brazilian children born from marriages of different
cultures over the centuries, with only the names of their now distant countries as their
heritage. Through typical garments they tell us the path of their ancestors and the
ethnical blend present in their history.

Born in São Paulo, Mari Queiroz majored in Fine Arts at the University of São Paulo, complementing her studies at the School of Visual Arts and International Center of Photography, NYC. She began her career as a photojournalist. Pursuing apprenticeship, she worked during six years as a studio assistant, in São Paulo, Paris and Munich. Then she returned to São Paulo, shooting her own stories. Her images have been published on major Brazilian magazines. Her passion for photography, lithography, watercolor and embroidery are the core of her work. She is currently based in São Paulo.

Awards Julia Margaret Cameron Award 2019 - Honorable Mention
Fine Art Photography Awards 2018 - Honorable Mention
PX3 2018 - Honorable Mention
PX3 2017 - Honorable Mention
PX3 2016 - Bronze Winner - People Category
PX3 2016 - Honorable Mention
Latin American Fotografía 4 winner (2015)
International Color Awards nominee (2015)
Black & White Spider Awards nominee (2014)
Premio Abril de Jornalismo nominee (2014)
Premio Abril de Jornalismo winner (2008)
Premio Abril de Jornalismo nominee (2006)