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trip to europe

  • Prize
    Silver in Fine Art/Landscape
  • Photographer
    Luciano D'Inverno
  • Studio
    Luciano D'Inverno
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The idea to make this trip in the network comes from many
considerations about the world
the image that comes to us from all over the globe.
Through all means of communication in the digital era
they are fixed on the retina of our eyes and then disappear
allowing our inner ghosts of the modern world.

Fine Art
Biografia //
Born in 1967 in Acerra (Naples, Italy).
The aim of his photographic research is to investigate how the human gaze perceives space.
From ’90 to ’95 he took an active part in a project on teenagers from the suburbs which
was exhibited at the Institut Français de Naples Grenoble (1997) curated by Jean-Noël Schifano.
At the same time, he was involved in advertising photography for the jewelry sector
and his photos were published in the most important sector magazines.
He attended the Academy of Fine Arts of Naples where he met Ennery Taramelli

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