/ 2016 / Fine Art / Abstract

Unearthing Series

  • Prize
    Gold in Fine Art/Abstract
  • Photographer
    Marcy Palmer

The photographs in this series are about the space between the
imagined and real. There is reference to a constellation, memory, a
need for a controlled environment within a chaotic one, and a
constructed world with natural elements. My experience as a new
mother is tied into this series. These works are filled with a
tension between frustration and control, and wonder and delight.

The images are made by drawing and painting on a paper
backdrop, shining light through holes in the backdrop, hanging
wire, string, branches, and other elements to create shapes and
lines in the compositions, which I often interact with. A slow
shutter speed is used when capturing the images to show a sense
of movement in many of them.

Marcy Palmer’s work has been exhibited at The Center for Fine Art Photography, The Brooklyn Museum of Art, The Vermont Center for Photography, Perspectives Gallery, The Photomedia Center, and The Center on Contemporary Art in Seattle, WA. Palmer was an Artist in Residence at Anderson Ranch Arts Center for Photography and Digital Media in Snowmass, CO. She has also exhibited internationally with “Net_Working” at Watershed Media Center in Bristol, England with a simultaneous projection at the “4th International Conference on Modern Technology for Art, Media, and Design” in Bangkok, Thailand. Marcy currently resides in Dallas, TX.