Gold / 2016 / Press / Other_PJ

Cattle of Kings. The Remarkable Mundari of South Sudan

  • Prize
    Gold in Press/Other
  • Photographer
    Tariq Zaidi

Tariq Zaidi has spent the last 10 years photographing tribal and indigenous people in over 30 countries in Africa. He has just returned from South Sudan, where he photographed the little-documented Mundari tribe. It is hard to overstate the importance of cattle to the Mundari people. Their animals are everything - wealth, status, sustenance and dowry - and they guard them with their lives. They farm a breed of cattle called Ankole-Watusi – a distinctive white animal with curved horns, also known as ‘the cattle of kings’. With a single cow or bull worth up to $500, “Their cows are the most important thing in their lives,” says Zaidi. “And they will protect them at all costs.”

Tariq Zaidi has become one of those success stories one occasionally reads about.

He gave up a senior corporate position, 2 year’s ago, to follow his dream of becoming one of the world’s most respected fine art travel portrait photographers with the aim of capturing the dignity, purity and soul of people, within their environment.

Since launching his website, in July 2011, he is close to achieving this goal. Over 30 of his images have already won major international photography awards. He has had two exhibitions, published two books and has completed assignments in Sierra Leone, Cuba, Russia and Japan. He is also a Getty Image contributor and a photography & Photoshop educator, teaching at the prestigious University of the Arts, London and other photographic institutions in the UK.

To search for truly unique images, Tariq continues to travel around the world. He is currently working on his 3rd publication and collecting material for his first international exhibition.

Tariq can be contacted through his website (, his Facebook page Tariq Zaidi Photography or twitter @tariqzaidiphoto.