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Abdul Rahman

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    Silver in Press/War
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    Sima Diab
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AbdelRahman Rahmoun, 17, lays on a mattress on the floor of a
rented home in Reyhanli, Turkey. AbdelRahman used to love to
swim and and train pigeons. In November, a Russian airstrike
landed near where he stood, outside his home in Idleb, Syria. He
felt fine when he came to moments later, he said, and tried to get
up. That’s when he realized both his legs had been blown off. “I
looked up and my brother was screaming, but I lost
consciousness,” he recalled.

Sima Diab is a Syrian-American photographer based between Cairo, Egypt and Beirut, Lebanon. Her photographic work focuses on environmental and social conditions in the Arab diaspora and Arab world including refugee and migration, climate change and water scarcity.
Her clients include international publications, aid agencies and NGOs.
Diab heads, as a freelance photo editor and consultant, the only bi-lingual Arabic/English regional photo site, Panorama, with the independent Egyptian publication Mada Masr.

Awards Diab received the 2016 James Foley Award for Conflict Reporting, was a selected winner for American Photography Best of Photography 2015 AP32. She is a 2015 grant recipient of the Arab Documentary Photography Program from AFAC/Prince Claus Fund and the Magnum Foundation