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The first female Chinese president in Taiwan

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    Cody Wong

The first female Chinese president in Taiwan is born in January
2016, as Tsai Ing-wen is elected, with 6,894,744 votes and this is
also the third time Taiwan had its government switched. This is
how a democratic country should be.

18-years-experienced news and documentary photographic journalist in Hong Kong AppleDaily (1995-2012).
Participated in the photographic reporting for Garley Building Fire 1996, Hangover 1997, sars 2003, Tung Chee-Wah Step-down 2005, WTO Ministerial Conferences Hong Kong 2005, Tiaoyutai Islands Landing Attempts 2006, Queen’s Pier Preservation Campaign 2007, Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Disaster 2011.

Full-time Photographer since 2012, specialized in shooting social movements events, including Hong Kong July 1st Marches, 2014 Umbrella Revolution.

Cody Wong became an expert member of photo blogger platform "DCFever" since September 2015.

LensCulture, a famous global photo competition platform, offered Cody an invitation-only portfolio account, for world-wide exposure of over 1.5 million audiences.

Awards Hong Kong News Awards 2001 Photographic Section Features 2nd Runner-up, Focus at the Frontline 2005 Sports Honorable Mentioned, Hong Lok Cuisine Photo Awards 2008 champion, HKWPP Awards 2009 Champion, PG Street life 2010 Champion, Hong Kong Dream Photo Contest 2015 Champion, Joint publishing Travel&Story 2015 2nd Runner-up, Snap of the week: Come Rain or Shine featured by Localiiz Hong Kong, 2015 YOUR SHOT photo featured by National Geographic editor, WMA Open Contest 2015 Finalists, Monochrome Awards 2015 Honorable Mention in Photojournalism x4 & Honorable Mention in Architecture x1