/ 2016 / Press / Performing Arts


  • Prize
    Silver in Press/Performing Arts
  • Photographer
    Jean Delsaux, Pascale Weber
  • Studio

Hantu is a duo of artists whose concern id perfromance, body, presence and representation.
We perform as well in Mentawai jungle, Norwegian Finnmark or Innu territory (Quebec)
meeting shamanic tradition or in Museums (Palais de Tokyo…) faculties, meeting roboticists
or cognitive scientists.
We have recently worked in relation with migrants in Calis (New jungle) or PAris (La Chapelle)

Awards Ph.D. in Fine Arts (U.Paris I )/ Pierre Schaeffer Prize (SCAM)-2011/ Invited Artist by : CalliidLagadus Foundation (Norway)-2015, Institute Kesenian of Jakarta, Indonesia-2014, Marine Institute and the Land/water and Visual Arts research group, Plymouth-2014/ Publication : portfolio de 43 photographies couleurs, in Les Ecrits n°144 (Le Mythe, le rite), 2015, textes de : ANTOINE VOLODINE, ALAIN FLEISCHER, PIERRE OUELLET, LUC DELLISSE .../ édition de quatre diptyques photographiques dans la revue new-yorkaise Musee Magazine N°4 : Connections, New-York, 2012.