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    Nikos Pilos/Stern/Goethe Institute of Athens
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There is no relief for migrants even when they
survive the deadly journey to Europe.
They still risk beatings and tear gas filled
clashes—usually due to delays in the registration
process—from border control law enforcement
during their long arduous journey by foot under
extreme weather conditions to reach northern
Europe. Now, they can not travel beyond Greece,
as border control has tightened up in fear of
migrant invasion and terrorism. They are
In February 2016, FYR Macedonia erected a
second fence becoming the 12th country—along
with Bulgaria, Serbia, Croatia, Slovenia, Austria,
Hungary, Estonia, Ukraine, Spain and
Turkey—in the European continent to fortify its
border joining Greece. As Europe seals its
borders by building razor-wire fences to block
the influx of migrants, xenophobia and
nationalism poisons the open borders policy and
the “democratic” values of Europe.

Nikos Pilos is an award-winning photojournalist and one of Europe’s noted feature photographers. He has traveled extensively to document war, natural disasters, poverty, socioeconomic struggle and cultural shifts. His work regularly appears in leading international newspapers and magazines and has been exhibited throughout Europe and U.S.Since his first assignment in Lebanon in 1988, he has covered almost all the major historical events at Balkans, Middle East, Maghreb and Eastern Europe. The last two years he is dedicated into the realization of the cross media interactive platform THE REFUGE

POYi. 2020 Award of Excellence in category, Documentary News Reporting, with the short doc The Refuge.
Global Migration Film Festival 2019, 3rd place at the category Shor film ,with documentary“Dying For Europe
PriMed 2018 International Festival of Mediterranean Documentary and Reportage France.
Public Award with the documentary Dying for Europe.
World Press photo 2017. Category: short film, second place with the documentary Trapped.
POYi ,2016 Category: Exodus, second place with the story The Road Of Tears.
POYi, 2016 Category: Multimedia News Story, third palce with the story, Dying to enter Europe.
Px3 Paris Photography 2015, Bronze metal for the story “Alevi, The Unknown People”.
Fotovisura Grand 2014, Finalist for the story “Seven Years of Recession”.
Px3 Paris Photography 2014, Gold medal for the story “Dying for Electricity” and Silver medal for the story “Turkey Reacts”.
NPPA 2014, Honorable mention for the story “Turkey Reacts”.
POYi 2014, Finalist in the World Understanding category for the story “Greece, Seven Years of Recession”.
Lucie Awards, 2013, Finalist for the story “Greece, Seven Years of Recession”.
PX3-Prix De la Photographie 2013, Gold medal in the Portraits category for a photograph of a member of the Golden Dawn.
CHIPP - China International Press Photo Contest 2012, Award in the Economy Science & Technology category for the story “The coal mines”.