Bronze / 2016 / Press / Feature Story


  • Prize
    Bronze in Press/Feature Story
  • Company
    Getty Reportage
  • Photographer
    Antonio Faccilongo

This reportage is focused on one of the consequences of living in a situation of extreme tension every day in Gaza, Palestine. Following the December 2008 Israeli offensive, “Operation Cast Lead”, there was an increase in risk-taking behavior, including a significant rise in cases of drug addiction. The most common drug at the moment is Tramadol, an opioid painkiller medication which is used to treat moderate to severe pain and it arrived in Gaza during the war in 2008. Addicts take this drug to withstand the pressure of daily life and to feel more alive and happy, but long-term use can cause depression and anxiety. Users also face the risk of heart disease and kidney failure, and every day the number of deaths linked to tramadol abuse increases. There is a wide illegal market for it, in Gaza, that reach the place through the tunnels and the sea.

Antonio Faccilongo is an Italian documentary photographer.

After graduating in communication sciences and then obtaining a masters in photojournalism he complemented his training through workshops, seminars and courses with industry professionals including Stefano De Luigi (VII), Elena Boille (Internazionale), Francesco Zizola and Yuri Kozyrev (Noor), Christian Caujolle (Agence VU) and Tiziana Faraoni (L’Espresso).

His work is mostly focused on Asia and the Middle East, principally in Palestine, covering social, political and cultural issues. Documenting the aftermath of Palestinian-Israeli conflict in Gaza, he sought to unveil and highlight the humanitarian issues hidden within one of the world’s most reported conflicts.

His long term project in Palestine, “(Single) Women”, has received a number of awards (1st Prize Px3, 1st Prize WPGA, 1st Prize Kuala Lumpur International Photo Awards, 2nd Prize IPA) and has been exhibited internationally in numerous shows and festivals including Fotoleggendo in Rome, PPA Festival in Prague, the Trenčianske Teplic Festival in Slovakia, the Buenos Aires Biennial in Argentina, Foto8 Summer Show in London, PX3 in Paris, HPA in Beijing, Photography Gala in Washington and at MAP KL White Box Gallery in Kuala Lumpur.

His work and assignments have been published in some of the most prominent international publications including L'Espresso, Time, Stern, Der Spiegel, Le Monde, New York Times, The Guardian, Focus Magazin, Vice, Vsd, Polka, Swide, Le Tube, Piel de Foto, Panorama, Oggi, Gente.

He lives in Rome and he's represented by LuzPhoto.