/ 2016 / Press / Feature Story

Platform Zero

  • Prize
    Bronze in Press/Feature Story
  • Photographer
    Alfredo Chiarappa

My work shows what life was for migrants and refugees within the Idomeni camp in Greece.
Idomeni was regarded as one of the worst refugee camps on the European migrant trail, which has increased in size following the decision of Fyrom to close its border.
Idomeni is a border village – the new nobody’s land where desperates from the most hostile war zones on Earth ended their journey towards Europe.
It is located in the Kilkis regional unit of Central Macedonia.
The Axios river, few metres away from the borders with Macedonia, shapes the land.
Everyday in Idomeni refugee camp people are seeking a place to call home, but they are just feeling fear about their uncertain future at the border of Europe.
The evacuation process in Idomeni camp began on tuesday 24th of may in early morning, and the media representatives are hemmed in 2 kilometers away from the camp.

Born in Melfi in 1982, I got a degree in Graphic Design at Politecnico of Milan. I became interested in photography and filmmaking because I think there are no better means to tell stories.
My work has been focusing on young generations in countries that have undergone strong political changes.
I started my professional carrier in 2011 with a project concerning how young Russian generations spend their nights in St Petersbourg.
The project name is “Crossing Leningrad” and was published in Burn Magazine; part of it was published in Italian magazines such as D - La Repubblica.
Since then, I have been working as a freelance photographer and film-maker for editorial and corporate works.