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    Rafael Rojas (Master Hasselblad 2014) is a fine art photographer, whose work frequently focuses on concepts like time, decay and renewal, the interaction between humans and nature and its consequence in the natural balance, the raw latent energy found in the landscape and the ephemeral qualities of existence. He strives to encapsulate concept, emotion and spirituality in his work. , Switzerland
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Black and White photography monograph "Timeless". Photographs
from fine art photographer Rafael Rojas. Foreword by Toto Bergamo
Rossi, director of Venezia Heritage Foundation. Published by Platinum
Press Editions (Switzerland).

Hardbound book, cover in textured red paper with tipped in image,
slipcase in black textured paper stamped with author name and title,
108 pages, 65 plates, printing in tritone at 254 lines per inch, paper
Phoenix-Motion Scheufelen 170 grsm, printed by Fontegrafica, Milano,
Italy (Sappi awards printers of the year)

Rafael Rojas was born in Spain 35 years ago. After a career spanning 10 years as an engineer and researcher/lecturer at the university he made a dramatic change by becoming a full time fine art photographer of the natural environment, his true passion and vocation. Today, he travels the wildest regions of our planet with a tripod on his shoulder, always in search of those fleeting moments when personal vision, light and land combine to create sheer magic and inspire the soul.

Awards Master Hasselblad 2014