Gold / 2016 / Book / Other_B

Deeper-On my own Life

  • Prize
    Gold in Book (Series Only)/Other
  • Photographer
    Inte Jag

The Deeper Project wants to be its representation by exploring new unconscious languages, experimenting alternative shots, using innovative printing chemical processes and new symbolic and surreal communication techniques. Almost aiming at creating a “noir conceptual photography”, this new prospect wants to express a sense of omnipotence, an artistic obsession releasing the desire for an eternity hanging between beauty and ugliness, good and evil, light and shadow! According to Roberto Todde, Deeper aestethics is a kind of dizzy cliff opening to unlimited possibilities of semiological interpretation: it falls in the void in order to explore the unknown and then revives in the consciousness of all individuals and dispels the distressing existential doubts belonging to the brilliant and enigmatic figure of the Author itself. More specifically, the Deeper Project consists of thirty shots which immediately establish a special emotional current brought about not only by the visual attraction, but also by the free interpretation of the pictures; just as if it were a concordance, almost a fusion, between the symbolist culture and Sarti’s imagery (see “Image and consciousness” or the unfailingly experienced and seized “Here and now”). At the same time, every single shot springs from the Author’s introspective journey to his own painful past and experience by exploring his own anxiety and then expressing it through images. The result was a collection of powerful, instinctive and sometimes visionary black and white shots which are suspended between the real and the dreamlike, the wonderful and the monstrous. Between darkness and light. Technically speaking, these pictures are a crossroads between two different processes: the first process – the “chemical” one – is based on the effects of the light on certain substances; the second process – the “physical” one – regards the formation of the image through the optical device determining its essence. As a metaphor of his own life, Roberto Todde mantains that “a peculiar style, an expressive, identifying and aesthetic code can spring from traumatic experience”.