Bronze / 2016 / Book / People

Black World

  • Prize
    Gold in Book (Series Only)/Documentary, Bronze in Book (Series Only)/People
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  • Photographer
    Erberto Zani (1978) is a photographer and journalist based in Italy. Freelance since 2008, his works of social documentary photographer include reportage from many difficult areas of the world: illegal gold mining in Colombia, war for minerals in North Kivu (D.R.Congo), earthquake's effect in Haiti, landmines in Cambodia, water crises in Burkina Faso, Somali refugee in Nepal, daily life inside the favelas of Medellin, miners of coal in Jharkhand and Hindu festival of Maha Kumbh Mela in India, Syrian refugee in Lebanon.

"Black World" is a self published book about illegal mineral extraction in Colombia, D.R.Congo and India. Focuses on different realities, follows a tryptych concept: three countries, three illegally extracted minerals (gold, coltan, coal), and three causes that lead to criminality. It's a Black World that millions of people are forced to work in, made of mines, dust and fear. Characterized by oppression, violence and trampled human rights: where the presence of enormous deposits of minerals transform into a curse for the people through the illegality caused by games of power and corrupt economies.

Erberto Zani (Italy, 1978) is a freelance photographer, journalist and photo books designer, based in Basel - Switzerland. Since 1998 he worked as photographer in advertisement sector. Freelance since 2008, most of his works are focused on documentary-humanitarian themes. He cooperates with companies, magazines and No Profit Organizations, for photographs and editorial projects. Available for assignments internationally.