Bronze / 2016 / Book / Documentary

Peking apartments

  • Prize
    Bronze in Book (Series Only)/Documentary
  • Photographer
    Alexvi Li

The girls you can see in the photos are models temporarily living and working in Beijing. Most of them come from Eastern Europe or Russia. Their visa usually limits their stay in China for two or three months only. Lots of businesses in China rely on their looks and beauty.From fashion magazines to online stores, their hair and skin color cater to the aesthetical standards in China right now. The girls come and go, one by one on a daily basis, yet amounting to thousands per year in beijing. After work they return to their apartments located around the East Fourth Ring Road outside the center of Beijing. In these crammed apartments, they share rooms and even beds.Usually 6-8 girls live in one apartment only have 3 bedrooms. The words and sketches they scrawl on the walls become another trace of their lives here, just like the images of their faces left behind