Silver / 2016 / Advertising / Fashion

Paris an eiffel story

  • Prize
    Silver in Advertising/Fashion
  • Company
    Marc Lamey
  • Photographer
    Marc Lamey

An Eiffel story "Tomorrow at dawn, at a time when the countryside whitens , I will leave " ; I will go on the road, I will go to the City of Light .Dame iron heart lady , I can not stay away from you any longer . " Look, object , symbol, the Tower is all that man puts in it and this all is infinite .... / ..." as Roland Barthes said . iconic vision of Paris always different, symbol of femininity and beauty , graceful woman , sexy woman , Eiffel tower , you represent fashion, love and its pleasures . Litters light dresses even the body , dresses that fly away and reveal the image of this poem T.Gautier "What I like you in that dress that undresses you so well , sending up your throat globe , showing naked your pagan arm ! ".