/ 2015 / Advertising / Architecture

Compact City

  • Prize
    Silver in Advertising/Architecture
  • Photographer
    Andy Yeung www.andyyeungphotography.com, Hong Kong

Hong Kong is the world's most densely populated place and it is
my home. The rent is eye-wateringly high, and the space
frustratingly small. It has on average 130,000 people squeezed
inside. One square kilometer equivalent to putting about 900
people inside the football pitch. Residents complain of air, noise
and light pollution and the overstretched transport network.
Although the overcrowding and noise pollution issues, I like
Hong Kong. Hong Kong is very efficient. And it is more energy-
efficient compared to other cities because we are so compact.
So many people are living very closely together sharing public
facilities. You can find many shops here that you can't find
anywhere else. When you look up at all the skyscrapers and high
rise buildings, you might think that most people have a view of
the neighbour’s wall or possibly their sitting room but actually a
lot of people have views. Whether it’s the million dollar view of
the harbour, or a cityscape of twinkling lights at night, the views
from buildings in Hong Kong are often amazing.

About me:

My name is Andy Yeung and I’m a photographer keen on landscape, architecture and travel photography. A decade has past since I picked up my very first camera in 2005. I'm still in love...with the the creative process in photography.

I’m based in Hong Kong from where I travel extensively. For me, travel and photography have always worked in perfect harmony. They go hand in hand. Capturing great moments and transforming what I’ve seen into something new and artistic while strolling through a new city with fresh eyes is a rewarding experience. If we are on the same page, please follow me on Facebook to keep up to date with my recent work.

I enjoy working with people who love art and trust me as an artist. Taking projects/assignments seriously, I’m ready to create outstanding visuals with you. Contact me to discuss rates and your photography needs. My photographs are also available for personal use as fine art for interior decoration.

About my work:

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. Take a look around and you'll see.