Bronze / 2012 / Fine Art / Collage


  • Photographer
    Kuo-jen Lin
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I use film to created my work is because I can get both subject and object significance in the same time. I can use the film itself as an object to present its beauty, at the same time I can use the film I mean the image as a subject to develop a story. I like to cut the film and assemble them back together randomly; I like to see what can subject be change by the changed object.

Mass produced tend to be forgotten quickly because we’re bombarded with techno graphics, rather than original concepts and ideas that are memorable. Although I appreciate and enjoy technology, it is cold method. Conversely, if you do something by hand, your feelings flow from the mind, though the hands, to the art, like couture. I find this organic approach to be the most successful, especially when applied to fashion and art.