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Holy Father

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    David Brunetti Photography
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    David Brunetti
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A series of portraits of women who are affected by domestic violence and sexual abuse in Ethiopia.

David Brunetti is a London based photojournalist working worldwide, specialising in editorial, portraiture and in-depth documentary photography.

David’s personal projects are visual narratives, gathered over extended periods of time, which confront issues of human rights, migration, refugees, conflict and identity. With a particular interest in humanitarian issues affecting identity in (post) conflict situations, David aims to capture images that will influence, leave lasting impressions, move and inspire.

David’s photography has featured in a variety of publications including ROOF, The Guardian and Wall Street Journal. Recognition of his work has culminated in a number of photography awards, including Fujifilm Distinctions Awards, the International Photography Awards and Prix de la Photographie.

David currently dedicates much of his time to long-term photojournalism and reportage work and regularly photographs for documentary and exhibition projects, in addition to other assignments.

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