Gold / 2012 / Portraiture / Culture

The Market Workers (ethiopia)

  • Company
    Kabana Studio
  • Photographer
    Joni Kabana
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These images were taken at a makeshift studio setting in Bahir Dar, Ethiopia

Joni Kabana is a visual artist and storyteller who is most happy when she is deep into a world that is unfamiliar to her. She can be found at home or in remote villages across the globe trying to stretch her beliefs and imagination as far as they will go.

Joni graduated summa cum laude with a degree in Psychology, loving her study of human behavior. She also holds post degree certification in computer programming and enjoyed an earlier corporate career working on technical interactive projects.

Her work has garnered awards and has been shown in galleries internationally and has been published extensively. She currently teaches for several organizations and organizes her own street and international photography workshops.

She gives back to the community by balancing her creative commercial work with humanitarian non-profit projects. Her recent work with Mercy Corps International in India and Nepal, and her work with rural hospitals in Ethiopia, garnered two American Society of Media Photographer’s “Best of” designations, and she has helped numerous charitable organizations relay their unique purposes. She is the founder of Prints For Prints

Joni is available for consultation, lectures, workshops and classroom teaching, in addition to commercial advertisement and other assignments.

Limited edition signed prints of her work are available upon request.